Cantina La-Vis

since 1948

Officially established in 1948, Cantina La Vis is located in a village that shares its name, in the heart of the Avisiane hills. In fact, its origins date back to when the Cembran family built the first part of the current production structure in 1850.

The winery has a collective heritage of prestigious wine production and its 800 members tend over more 800 hectares of vineyards.

The 1980 Progetto Zonazione (Zoning Project), whose motto was ‘the right vine at the right place’, was the foundation for the quality of La Vis wines, which has over time brought to life important and rich wines in this inaccessible and difficult land through an enthusiastic member base.

Over time, the TrentoDoc, Bio, Qualità (Quality) and Anchise projects have been launched, maintaining a commitment to one value – namely that of mutuality, a deeply-rooted principle of the cooperative movement, while facing a global market increasingly tied to entrepreneurial logic and profit.

Studies and research under the “Progetto Qualità”, linked to the zoning project, have led La Vis agronomists and oenologists to identify outstanding vineyards, their wines becoming part of the Autoctoni, Ritratti and Bio lines, the company’s high-end labels.

The Autoctoni line satisfies the need to bring high-quality Trentino wines to the market, with grapes that really exalt the genius loci. This is the case with the gentle “Sette Fontane” Nosiola, the subtle “Piaggi” Schiava, the strong “Rover” Terodego, the surprising “L’Altro Manzoni Maso Franch” Incrocio Manzoni, the elegant Lagrein “Greggi”, or the ‘high mineral’ “Cadrobbi” Müller Thurgau.

The richness and variety of the land has also meant international varieties have found a preferred location in the Trentino area over the past century. The Ritratti line is grown in locations of the highest prestige, proposing the fine “Del Diaol” Chardonnay, the fragrant “Maso Clinga” Gewürztraminer, the aromatic “Maso Tratta” Sauvignon, or the intense Cabernet Sauvignon, the enveloping Pinot noir or the wonderfully refreshing Pinot Grigio.

Ever true to their respect of the land, some members have chosen to embrace the Bio (organic) cause, thus leading to the creation of the award-winning “Ai Padri” Gewürztraminer, the complex “Manci” Chardonnay and the elegant “Arcadia” Pinot Grigio and the fragrant and fruity “Nailam” Marzemino wines, all grown on the Trento hills.

The range is completed by the Simboli line, created to satisfy the requests of wine lovers who like their food at restaurants to be accompanied by excellent wines, everyday, and the Storie di Vite line. Although maintaining the pleasant and authentic character of Trentino wines, these two lines are specifically targeted at the modern market, reflecting an offer that is becoming increasingly popular with families.

Last but not least, the two new LA VIS sparkling wines, the 100% white Chardonnay and the Rosé (Chardonnay and Pinot Nero grapes), are also highly appreciated.