Mass Market Retailing (MMR) is the principal means of distribution for food manufacturers. It is associated with quality standards - BRC and IFS included - that involve strict quality controls for food manufacturers who sign up to them.

These standards were developed by the main retail associations in Britain (B.R.C. - British Retail Consortium) and Germany (I.F.S. - International Featured Standards) with the aim of establishing the quality requirements that food manufacturers need to satisfy in their respective markets.

The BRC and IFS standards each require businesses to:

a) implement an internal system of hygiene control (HACCP),

b) implement a quality management system,

c) establish specific procedures for managing production processes,

d) define a system for monitoring and controlling processes,

e) manage human and technological resources,

f) provide regular staff training,

g) observe environmental regulations,

in addition to complying with national and European legislation relating to food hygiene and safety (labelling, traceability, etc.).

Our company, as an exporter to countries in Europe and further afield, took the view in 2004 that it should seek certification under each of these retailer-developed standards.

The Company has always demonstrated full adherence to each of the two standards during annual audits, and has always been awarded a maximum rating by the international certification authority.


Since 2010 the Company has sought and obtained verification, through regular inspections, of its compliance with EU Regulation CE 834/2007 in regard to its wines and its production and business processes.