Cantina La-Vis

since 1948

Cantina di La-Vis e Valle di Cembra sca is a cooperative established in1948 and located in the heart of Trentino.The town of Lavis is named after therushing Avisio stream, a landmark of our area, that cascadesfrom the surrounding peaks.The power of the Avisio stream is reflected in theLatin word “Vis”, meaning“strength”. The logo is inspired by a bas-relief celebrating the foundation of the Cantina in 1948, featuring the shields of the municipalities of Lavis, Giovo and Meano, the founding fathers of the cooperative.

Our «family» includes 800 vintners who, day after day, take care of 1850 acres of vineyards, at elevations between 820 and 900 feet. Only small, individual plots, to guarantee the utmost care and quality in grape production. Simple Trentino pergola and double training systems enable the best vineyard exposure, thus obtaining products that are high-quality in terms of their wholesomeness and organoleptic properties. Passion and daily vineyard care, know-how, skill and a flair for innovation are the core values our wine makers share and pass down from generation to generation