La-vis Store

The Cantina La Vis store is a favourite place of wine enthusiasts.

The name – Càneva Store – combines a word from the local dialect (a “càneva” is a wine cellar) with an English word, revealing the store’s destiny as a meeting place for different cultures and passions. Open all day from Monday to Saturday, the store is visited by customers and friends from the surrounding area and around the world.

It is located in the heart of the winery and forms an integral part of it.

The store offers all the wines produced by Gruppo La-Vis companies: La Vis, Cembra Cantina di Montagna, Cesarini Sforza, Durer-Weg and the Tuscan Poggio Morino. Visitors can also try regional products and take part in courses and tastings.

The store is also the starting point for guided tours of the winery and, together with adjacent rooms, is used as a setting for food events as well as public and private art soirees and cultural evenings.
Visitors can purchase gifts and local delicacies, while companies and businesses can obtain assistance with purchases and establish business relationships.

Via del Carmine, 7 – 38015 Lavis (Tn)  
Tel. 0461 440150 - Fax 0461 440235