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‘King’ of the South Tyrol white wines, Gewürztraminer is highly appreciated for its rich aromaticity. This grape variety is cultivated in the best exposed vineyards on Salorno hill, on deep, silty, and densely clay soils. Of a deep straw-yellow colour, Dürer-weg Gewürztraminer wine has an aroma which evokes rose petals, cinnamon, tropical fruits and cloves. Dense and well-structured on the palate, well-bodied, notably fresh and lively.

Vine Gewürztraminer

Vineyard location Salorno, village of Pochi (BZ)

Exposure and altitude West, South-West; 350 m ASL

Soil composition Silty, silty-sandy, on pedogenetic mixed substratum with dolomite and porphyric lithology

Training system Guyot; simple Trentino pergola

Planting density 5.000 vines/hectare

Vinification process

 Manual harvesting in early October; soft pressing in inert atmosphere; static decantation of the must; fermentation at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks; ageing on the lees for about 5/6 months before bottling.