Alto Adige - Südtirol Doc

Lagrein, an autochthonous grape variety, has been cultivated for centuries in South Tyrolean vineyards. The variety was first documented in 1526. In order to attain a correct polyphenolic ripeness, this variety requires high temperatures during ripening periods and therefore the hills surrounding the river Adige are particularly suited to its cultivation. Of a ruby red colour with deep violet hues, Dürer-Weg Lagrein aroma has fruity notes evoking raspberries, blueberries and violet. On the palate it is warm and dry, with soft and sweet tannins.

Vine Lagrein

Vineyard location Salorno (BZ)

Exposure and altitude West; 400 m ASL

Soil composition Silty, originating from siltstone rockslide debris

Training system Traditional; simple Trentino pergola

Planting density 5.000 vines/hectare

Vinification process

Manual harvesting in early October; fermentation at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks; static decantation; ageing on the lees for about 5/6 months in fibre-glass reinforced concrete tanks, and partly in oak barriques before bottling.