Vigna Maso Clinga - Gewürztraminer

Trentino Doc

Maso Clinga is an ancient rural structure of noble origin (XVI century), unparalleled in style in Trentino. Set in the Municipality of Lavis, this area has been identified as the perfect site for cultivating the Gewürztraminer grape variety after the application of specific ‘Zoning’ research studies. The Maso Clinga terrain is characterized by a silty-gravelly soil, originating from deposits of sandstones and siltstones lying on the porphyric platform of Permian origin (dating 270 million years ago). This wine has a straw-yellow colour and an intense, distinctive and flowery aroma. Full-bodied, refined and typically sapid on the palate. 

Vine Gewürztraminer (clones: EnTAV 643, Lb 14 and Lb48; rootstock SO4)

Vineyard location Municipality of Lavis, at Maso Clinga locality (Tn)

Exposure and altitude South, South-West; 330 m ASL

Soil composition Silty originating from Werfenian age siltstones

Training system Traditional; simple Trentino pergola

Planting density 4,500 vines/hectare

Vinification process

Manual harvesting in late September; soft pressing in atmosphere controlled environment; static decantation of the must; fermentation at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks; ageing on the lees for about 180 days in stainless steel tanks for 85% of the process and in second and third passage barriques for the remaining 15%.