Trentino Doc

Native to France, Merlot grapes have been grown in Trentino for decades. The deep, mineral-rich alluvial soils of the Adige Valley are particularly suitable for growing these grapes.
The ‘Storie di Vite’ Merlot has an intense fruity aroma with delicate grassy notes. Even when young, it has a robust structure and a smooth, balanced palate.

Vine Merlot

Vineyard location Lavis and Gardolo

Exposure and altitude West, south-west; 280 m ASL

Soil composition Valley sites: mainly sandy, well-drained, originating from alluvial deposits; hillside sites: mainly sandy, deep, silty

Training system Guyot and simple Trentino pergola

Planting density 4,000-5,000 vines/hectare

Vinification process

Manual harvesting in early October, fermentation at controlled temperatures in stainless steel tanks, static decantation for 48 hours, malolactic fermentation in fibreglass reinforced concrete tanks, aging on the lees in concrete tanks for approximately 5/6 months before bottling.